Schedule of the tour January-April

1-6 Jan: Amsterdam

6-7 Jan: Nederhemert Zuid
I visited Geefeconomie. Robbert and Petra who believe in an economie based on giving. They believe that there is enough in the world for everyone and that we can just give each other what we need. It was a very welcoming environment.

7-9 Jan: Heerhugowaard
Sunny Games home base is in Heerhugowaard.

9-11 Jan: Leersum
My dad’s house has a room and it is filled with things that belong to me. And I spent three days sorting things and throwing away what I no longer need.

12-14 Jan: Wijk bij Duurstede
Another family meeting in my mum’s house. With cupcake baking and a party at Essence in Amsterdam.

14-16 Jan: Utrecht
Working on a sail game with a friend. And visiting the Trendz fair in Gorinchem

16-17 Jan: Alkmaar

17-20 Jan: Groningen
Playing Pyra with a family that supports Sunny Games and visiting WirWar.

20-27 Jan: Alkmaar

27-30 Jan: Amsterdam
Still looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam. One of the last meetings of my coach academy is on the 29th.

30 Jan-5 Feb: Neurenberg
I will visit the Spielwarenmesse in Neurenberg. There is a whole room filled with people to meet. And they all make games.

5 feb-6 feb: Amsterdam
The last coach academy meeting.

6 feb-26 feb: To be determined
The first presentation of the new Sunny Games business plan will take place in this time.

26 feb- 16 Mar: Rotterdam
With a fair in Schiedam (HB Speeldag) on the 10th of March.

21 Mar – 25 Mar: Veldhoven
Zuiderspel, the second biggest game fair of the Netherlands is happening during the weekend. Sunny Games will be there.