This is Mindfuck!!!

Well, actually, this is the first post in a series about Mindfuck The Game The App. I will take you through the development of this wonderful game.

It all started when Jelte contacted me with the question on how to quickly create a single production quality game. He and his friends had been playing mindfuck for a while now and it would be cool for one of his friends to have a real life version.

Of course, I had never heard of mindfuck before, so he explained the game first. The game is played on a board of variable size, with square tiles on it. Two players each get to tokens in the corners on each side of te board. Then they take turns, placing a new token adjacent (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) to one of their existing tokens. The game ends after a winning move, when one player fills the last open spot next to any of the opposing player’s tokens. Completely surrounding one of your own tokens is allowed and does not end the game, it actually is a useful defensive move.

So it is an easy game to make. And since the budget is likely to be low, it makes sense to use existing pieces. I advised Jelte to look for a chess or checkers case and to replace the original game pieces with poker chips in two colours. True, it does make a completely new game presentation, but it allows for a decent looking, functional gift.

Anyway, mindfuck stuck to my mind. And since there seem to be some people willing to play it, I started on mindfuck the app. A simple application that will allow people to play a computer player or each other.

So, before we go in into the details about development and how to build such a thing. Go play it. Version 0.1 is here and it is out to get you.

Questions to help me along if you know mindfuck already:

  • What should be the default game board size? Does the game change a lot if the board size is changed?
  • Is it ever possible to get to a draw? For instance if there are no more valid moves left for one player?
  • What strategies do you have when you play mindfuck? You may notice the AI is quite simple now, partly because I have trouble to explain my own strategies.

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  1. I already noticed that the reset button does not work if you use it after losing the game. It will be updated in the new version 🙂

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