Tour of the (gaming) land

From the first of January until the end of April, I will traveling through the Netherlands. The goal is to meet many people who enjoy games, play many (board) games and visit some of Sunny Games’ important partners.

All this time I will be without a home. I am traveling so much that it does not make sense to be based in one place. And I am looking forward to making new connections by staying at friends’, friends of friends’ and new friends’ houses. It is cooperation in action in a new way. I will bring games, a smile and good stories anyway.

Want to see when I will be where? See my schedule. I will visit a lot of places in the Netherlands, but I plan on going to Germany and Belgium as well.

If you think there is someone I should meet, a place I should see or if you have any tips for me. Let me know in the comments.

Want to follow me on my tour through the (gaming) land? Fill out your details below and I will keep you updated.

Max touring through the (gaming) land

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